Australia Refugee ko awknak FORM Download theih asi

Tulai ah Australia Cozah in Resettlement thu hla ah thil ti dang lam mi a nei thar vekin Lai mi tampi in kan Unau sungkhat India leh Malaysia ih um pawl ko kan duh cio. A duh mi hrangah FORM download theih asi.

1. Australia Ram ih um (a ko tu) hrang ah a hnuai ih ta FORM hi phi ding asi.
Form 681

2. Ram dang (INDIA/MALAYSIA) um unau/sungkhat kan ko duh mi pawl ih phi ding mi cu a hnuai ih ta hi asi
Form 842

Form download mi hi Computer/Laptop thawn phi nghal theih mi asi. Cule theh tikah SAVE ih printer ih print leh men ding asi. Culole Print mi kha Pen thawn a phi theih tho tho.

Phi theh hnuah an pahnih in a hnuai ih ADDRESS ah kuat ding asi

GPO Box 9984
Sydney NSW 2001


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